According to a logical evaluation of the current situation in Europe and the past 1800 years of Christianity instigated fratricide, war and internal-persecution of European peoples, it is undeniable that Christianity must be wiped out of existence for its crimes against our people. Those who promote such vile, subversive ideologies from Saul of Tsarsus’s  racially-subversive and proto-communist Christianity to its modern but equally Semitic secular spawn are the enemies of all European folk in Europe and the world over. It is thus necessary for all European folk to return to something else, logically this can only be the philosophies of our genetic ancestors, whose spirituality was never defeated, only sidelined. In Northern Europe and amongst all Germanic folk living worldwide  there is Asatro. Similarily for all distinct European racial heritages there are disticnct racial philosophies from the heroic Hellenic (Greek) Paganism to the less well known forms of Slavic paganism. It is necessary for all European folk to re-awaken their natural spirituality and pure racial spirit in order to insure an internal European cultural, spiritual and racial homogeniety among each respective people. The unique and evolutionarily distinct spiritualites of each European racial sub-group when adhered to and understood correctly implore the nations who hold those beliefs to stand stoic in defence of their folk heritages, futures and this is done through the unique capacity of our ancestral spiritualities to inspire and inform in us a constant and industrious defence of our racial identity, this can only be maintained through our ancestral racial philosophies inspiring in ordinary folk the will to re-take their respective national governments, militaries, economies, cultures and spiritual national identities

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Slavonic Ethics

I would like to inform you that the book Slavonic Ethics is already available for purchase.

In general, the topic of the book is Slavonic, Rodnover ethics – how do Rodnovers perceive what does it mean to be moral, ethical. Slavonic ethics are derived from the Slavonic faith, from the beliefs of our Ancestors. The book covers how the archaic mores and norms function in contemporary times. It stresses that the way of our Ancestors is not something past, bygone and forgotten, but on the contrary – it is something that fits very well into our times and it does so much better than the alien faith in Europe, that is Christianity.

120 pages.

20 EUR  with shipping  22 USD  with shipping  15 GBP  with shipping.  if you want to buy my book

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Etyka Słowiańska w j. angielskim

Jest już przetłumaczony tekst książki „Etyka Słowiańska”, w wersji angielskiej jest poszerzony o dodatkowe rozdziały. Mam nadzieję, że niedługo będzie już w druku, oto fragment tekstu.

Confrontation of world-views

Setting a new path

Rejecting the completely alien ideas was for me, a Slav, a Pole, a fundamental question of realizing the evil which torments a countless number of my countrymen. Recognizing the cause of the sickness that poisons the organism of the Polish nation was bound to create an antidote which could save the falling Fatherland. This awakening occurred rapidly, like a storm, which was to sweep my old ideological matrix that was forced upon my young brain; to cleanse the young mind from disgraceful attempts to incapacitate my free will and will to grow, to live in truth, not in hypocrisy. This storm was to sweep everything and bring order. It was to create room for a pure, new idea, new Slavonic faith and philosophy, which it was based on. The rejection of falsehood became one of the most important steps of forming a new “I”. I began digesting and rejecting the consecutive links of the chain which was binding my humanity.

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Słowianie Wiara i Kult

Książka, którą stworzyliśmy razem z Grzegorzem Antosikiem już za kilka dni trafi druku, poinformuję, kiedy będzie już dostępna

okładka słowianie

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Mój osobisty blog powstał po to by móc informować o mojej pracy w popularyzacji wiedzy o słowiańskiej kulturze i wierze, a także o naszej rodzimej filozofii. Postaram się publikować informacje o planach i etapach ich realizacji.

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